Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly our stylists puts themselves in the buyers shoes. From our initial meeting (with or without your agent) we look to uncover the hidden secrets in your home that ultimately your buyer will fall in love with.

We then map out a plan and detail a step by step process … completely costed.

Then it’s up to you. Should you decide to work with us, we literally coordinate the entire campaign with a laser like focus on creating a buyer frenzy for your property and removing the stress from the process for you.

Stylings depend on room numbers, size, location and access. Our skill is knowing where to spend to achieve maximum return on investment. Allow for around .5% of projected sale price for styling and then factor in the trade work. Remember … we coordinate the entire process.
We offer 6 weeks and 8 weeks for developers . Other terms are negotiable.

Styling a home is more than placing some furniture and accessories around a home and then hoping for a successful result. That’s why you’ll find the “budget” guys out there.

It’s about taking the knowledge that Adelaide’s most experienced home stylist can provide and thoughtfully applying it to your home, appealing to your carefully considered target market. It’s about creating a connection to your property so our “seeding” system is implemented to achieve the ultimate styling.

Once we implement our Seeding formula we then incorporate the specific furniture, art, accessories, floor coverings and those special touches that Home Style Co is renowned for. Understanding how our trades fit in to the system and of course how and when your agent intends to market your property helps to round off our project plans . We own all of our own stock.  We don’t keep up with current trends … we set them!.

We do offer shared stylings when the vendor still lives in the property. It’s generally the vendor’s beds that are used and will be dressed . To achieve the best overall look we generally request that all other large items are removed, giving you a more cohesive styled look as the end result.

No, this is not a requirement, and we understand that this is often not possible. So if you need to live in your property throughout the sales campaign “we’ll just make it happen”.

As we are professional stylists, Homestyle co requests that the trust is placed in our knowledge of the market, current trends the potential buyers. Our seeding system allows us to take care of the entire process.

Yes. If you have a space that requires full styling for a photoshoot we can Make it happen. Pricing on request

A signed agreement.

50% booking fee and the remainder payable 48 hours prior to placement

We have full insurance for all of our furniture for the entirety of your campaign. 

As early as possible. The best results are achieved with plenty of time to engage our trades and executing our system.

We service all of Adelaide. We style and makeover properties from the North to South – East to West and through the entire CBD radius. We are booked solidly especially during peak times, so schedule your free consult sooner rather than later.

Call Amy: 0407 659 981
Call Joanne: 0417 816 39

In Australia, properties stay on the market between 66 and 77 days on average before selling. However, staging a home can speed up a house sale. ‘What we also found is that styled properties are selling four weeks faster than properties on average,
A survey by LJ Hooker real estate revealed 98% of agents believe styling a property can help fetch higher sales and increase value by over 2.5%. It also found most agents agree that styling leads to a quicker sale and multiple offers through both private treaty and auctions.
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