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Making it happen

With over 5000 successful Adelaide sales campaigns our team have developed the winning formula, ready to apply it to your property.

Styling a home is more than placing some furniture and accessories around a home and then hoping for a successful result. It's about taking the knowledge that Adelaide's most experienced home stylist can provide and carefully and thoughtfully applying it , appealing to your considered target market. It's about creating a connection to your property, it's about falling in love with your greatest asset.

The love affair should start from the moment a buyer arrives at your home. The garden, the colours, the driveway...what is the home saying to them? Buying a property is very much a heartfelt process, it's emotional, so your home must speak to the prospective buyer.

What our experience as stylists has taught us at HSC, is that preparing a home for sale is very much a partnership between you, the agent and your stylist, to create real excitement around your campaign.

It's not just about the staging, we have a team of amazing trades and designers that understand what it takes to present your home to its maximum potential.

Communication and organisation has been the key to our success. Of course we are also very proud of our reputation as setting the standard for Adelaide's home styling market.

With the absolute latest selection of furniture, art and accessories, we are able to style all manner of home styles and periods. It's why we are known as the team "that makes it happen"

"With well over 5000 successful Adelaide sales campaigns our team have developed the winning formula, ready to apply it to your property"

Seeding a property

Could HSC hold the key to unlocking your homes dream sales price?

So, what's this winning formula? How does HSC consistently not only get results but receives feedback that the process of preparing their client's homes for sale was not only painless but a wonderful experience.

It's a process that we've developed called "Property Seeding". It's knowing and understanding the Vendors goals, from here we can assess the property and predict the obstacles ahead of us. Knowing the Adelaide market and it's unique Architecture, we can then follow a closely guarded format to appeal to that target market … It's often not what the vendors expect, but they are almost always delighted with the sales results.

Before you can sow a seed, a lot of preparation needs to take place. Understanding the soil and the climate. What best crops are suited to that environment. When is the best time to sow? Of course there is no way you would consider sowing unless the soil was properly prepared and you had full knowledge and experience of what to grow. Understanding the market you are selling to is paramount, with your reputation of previous harvests a big factor in determining price. Having the right team to deal with the crop during its preparation is also critical, knowing when and how to water and fertilise and of course when to reap.

Stand out from the crowd with HomeStyle Co.

You see, I was born and raised on a farm. Hard work, preparation, attention to detail and respect for the land, crops, animals, neighbours and consumers was drummed into us from the time we could walk. It's exactly the process we've adopted from the minute we started Home Style Co 15 years ago … and it all starts with respecting you and your home.

And as dad always said "you can't reap what you don't sow"

Property seeding involves a series of steps that when complete present your home in it's possible light, specifically for your style of home and precisely for your target market … best of all it's all done by us. From front door to back, we manage the entire project.

Let's talk about the buyer, after all they are the most important piece to this puzzle. So, what is really going on when someone buys a home? What do they see? What do they feel? Ultimately everyone buys love and hope.

You fall in love with a property and then hope it becomes your home in which your life plays out in the most perfect way. Understanding that love and hope is what we are selling so seeding your property to have someone fall in love with it is what we do best. So, it's not only how we help you stand out from the crowd, but it's also how we've managed to do it for Home Style Co also.

A staged property yielded an average increase in sale price of 10% with a reported maximum increase of 15%.

Home Staging research study Feb 2017

Where to from here?

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    Speak with one of our head stylists and we can book a free in home consultation.
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  • Styling Consult

    This is often conducted with your agent. We will assess your property and what your needs are to establish how we best present your home for it's intended market.
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  • Proposal (Styling and or trades)

    We carefully consider what exactly needs to be done for the maximum return on investment. Our team is geared to identifying how to unlock the full potential of your property
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  • All Systems Go

    We work to a deadline. From trades to sourcing the right interiors we work to give your photographer the best possible product. It doesn't take long to see why having us manage the preparation of your house for sale is the best decision you'll ever make.
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  • Styling/ Photos

    Your home will be completely fitted and styled ready for the shoot. In fact, at this stage, your home would have never looked better.

What Our Clients Say

Homestyle Co was recommended to us by our agent. We were selling on a short time-line and Homestyle Co were able to work in with our needs. It was fantastic not having to worry about furniture or style for the house to help us get the best price. They set up the house and took the furniture away, we didn't need to do anything. I would recommend Homestyle Co to anyone needing to style a house ready for sale. Cheers
Susan Highgate
We had the pleasure to use the services of Homestyle Co to stage our home that we were selling. We were recommended to Jo and her team by our real estate agent. We trusted the process and put our home in their hands. Jo, Amy and the team were efficient, they delivered on time with a smile and positive outlook. Homestyle Co-Project managed our property from Fencing, to Painting and everything in between. Working with Jo and the team was a very positive experience and worth the money. Feedback about the presentation of our property was excellent. Thank you Jo and the Team !!! You made it happen.
Eileen O'Regan
DFP Kingswood
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