The AI Experience Centre and its service offerings benefit from the research group’s rich work in maintaining a societal approach to technology and innovation.

The research group Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology (SMIT), established in 1990, is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and imec. It is specialized in fundamental, applied and contract research in the area of ICT and media. SMIT specialises in researching the social scientific aspects of ICT, combining user, policy and business analysis and using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

The Centre’s work is focused on two programmes: Data & Society and Media & Society. A continuing dialectic between theory and empirical research is one of its high-level objectives. In terms of methodology, SMIT is experienced in:

SMIT leads the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Digital and Media Literacy ( The Centre works across Flanders to empower citizens to use ICT and media consciously, critically, actively, and creatively to participate in society. Since 2019, it also coordinates the Knowledge Centre Data & Society. This inter-university centre focuses on the interplay between data, artificial intelligence and society. More in particular, the centre translates state-of-the-art global research in AI into tangible handbooks, guidelines and templates to l enable socially responsible, ethical and legally appropriate implementations of AI in Flanders and enable companies, policymakers, regulators and citizens to achieve the greatest social and/or economic benefits of AI.

Director of SMIT